Group Meetings

January - July 2022

 Date  Time  Speaker  Title
11.01.2022 09:15-10:15 Simone Oberhänsli A beginner’s guide to CRISPR screen analysis
25.01.2022 09:15-10:15 Prateek Arora
Understanding the intercellular signaling and transgenerational epigenomics landscape during zebrafish heart regeneration
08.02.2022 09:15-10:15 Sara Schütz Probevortrag Midterm evaluation
22.02.2022 09:15-10:15 Sara Schütz Francisella tularensis holarctica genotypes
22.03.3022 09:15-10:15 Andrej Benjak Genetic heterogeneity of head-and-neck primary tumours and metastases
05.04.2022 09:15-10:15 Paula Alves Fernandes Exploring the Sexual Stages of Trypanosomes through Single Cell RNA-seq
26.04.2022 09:15-10:15 Lea Pohlmeier Introduction to flow cytometry and its analysis
03.05.2022 09:15-10:15 Anne-Christine Uldry News and updates from the Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
18.05.2022 09:15-10:15 David Ferreira Data Management Plans - What, Why and How?
31.05.2022 09:15-10:15 Pierre Berthier HPC User Meeting
14.06.2022 09:15-10:15 Stephan Peischl title do be announced
28.06.2022 09:15-10:15 Thomas Roder
title do be announced